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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Posting Old Stories~

Allo guys~!
Back updating my blog now!!!
Ok, now I'm planning to post my first writing that I've done only for fun and not because of work or anything~
This short story is made when I was in my form 3 I think...

It was when the first Transformer movie came out~
So, enjoy this~!

The Luckiest Day of My Life?!?

One day, as I was walking to school, there was a strange light in the clouds. It looked like the ‘Halo’ phenomena that occurred not long ago. But, something was different about the light. Then I saw it, the light moved from its position.
            What I was about to see was far from the extraordinary. The light was actually coming from a large spacecraft. It almost looked like ‘The Archangel’ from an animation that I really like. The fascinating sight did not stop there. Then I saw a smaller spacecraft shooting out of the mother ship. The bad thing about it was that it was coming directly towards me at a very high speed!!!
            As I was about to dodge the speeding ship, it suddenly stopped right in front of me. It made me wonder, how did the ship stop just like that? I was so confused until I saw what’s coming out of the ship. As the ship’s ‘stairs’ lowered, I saw three men standing in the ship. They wore very tight suits that made them looked very skinny.
            One of the ‘men’ came towards me, and then I noticed that they were not human after all. They had the eyes of a lizard, pointy elf-ears, and webbed hands. ‘He’ tried to speak to me in a weird frog-like voice. ‘He’ invited me to come into the ship. ‘He’ said that their captain wished to have a word with me. I was very scared but bravely took ‘his’ offer.
            As I walked into the ship, I noticed that the inside of the ship was like the ship in the ‘Star Trek’. It was very clean. I looked outside the window when suddenly I saw that the ship was not on the ground anymore. It  already reached the mother ship.
As I got out of the ship, I was astonished to see that the ship had landed in a hangar inside the mother ship. The beings took me to see the captain. The captain’s suit was different from the others. It was like a cross-over between a tuxedo and the military uniform. The captain asked me whether I can help ‘him’ find truen… even I can’t pronounce it. I asked the captain what it was and what do they want to do with it. The captain explained that the thing that they looked for is used as fuel in their galaxy. Wow! An inter-galactic fuel, on our own planet, in Malaysia! I asked them what the fuel looked like. The captain showed me an image on its palm. It looked like… a banana tree! They used its fruits as an energy supply to cross galaxy??? Even I think it’s ridiculous. I almost laugh when the captain begged me to find the ‘fuel cell’. I felt pity on him then I showed them to a deserted banana plantation near my school. The captain and his crew thanked me and sent me back to where they found me. Before the ship launched, the captain gave me a present as a token of his gratitude. He gave me a cube of a size of a 20 inch television. The captain told me that it would help me with many things. Then the ship left our world.
            As I reached home, I was worried that I will be scolded by my parents for not going to school. It was a long lecturing before my parents asked me what is in the cube. Then it moved. It slowly turned into a robot and flashed a ray of light to my parents to sleep. I was scared but the robot did not even look at me. It was busy looking around my house. Then it got sight of my Motorola L6. It starts to scan my hand phone until suddenly it starting to take the shape of my phone. Then it rang. I answered it. It was the voice of the robot. The robot said that its name is ‘Chrome’ and it asked me a lot about the earth. It also said that it was only erasing my parent’s memory. From that day, it had helped me on doing many repairs on my broken mechanical appliance.