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Friday, October 16, 2009

My First Blog!!!

The guy in the blue shirt? That's me!!
hello everybody! I'm new with this blogging stuff, but after seeing my friend's blog(search for "mizu's blog",you'll find it), I started to think, "Hey, why don't I start blogging myself??"

Well, lets start out with my own biography;
My name is Aiman and I am a teacher in training. I am 18 years old...
I am curently act out as the class representatives, but actually, I've been forced to do so. I can describe myself as a very charismatic person, but it doesn't last long...
after a week or two, I started to become more and more ghoul-like; people says that I becoming creepier(really??)...
Anyway, let's start with what happen this week in IPBA(which is my campus name, Institut Perguruan Bahasa Antarabangsa)....

Erm, I'm just back from my camping to Pangkor Island last sunday... Its very exiting actually because its free(well, sort of). It was sponsored by the newly formed department; The Recreational Sports Department. Here's some of the action take place there:
When I reached to my "home"; thats what the hostel called, I went in straight to bed as tomorrow, there will be another event took place, which is The SIPMA Opening Ceremony.
The next day, I started packing up as if we're departing very early in the morning... Only to find out that we'll be cramping with each other for a looooooooooong period(it causes my leg to feel numb!!!)

Well, as soon as it finishes(which is at 12 am!!!!!!!) we went back to our home and I search for my long lost pillow...Ahh...
Huh..? AWW MAN!!!! as I saw that my table is filled with dozens of assignment that need to be sent tomorrow, my hope of having a goo night sleep is perished... That day is the fifth day in IPBA that I haven't slept AT ALL!!!!

Well, other day is very normal for me(?!?). if there is some unusual thing happen in my life, then I will write again..! Lets hope that I can survive in this IPBArian world..!

Signing off,
Rexcore Furratio...

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  1. Hey Buddy,

    welcome to the blogging world!=)

    Words are waiting to be written!

    p/s: write your heart out!