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Monday, February 21, 2011

Ea...? My Birthday????

Allo sumer...!!!
Lama giler aku x update blog aku nih...
So, sempena besday aku....
Aku nk wat post pasal besday aku la...!
Sebab malas sgt nk taip satu2 komen kt wall fb...

Facts About My Birthday!

  1. Your date of conception was on or about 1 June 1990 which was a Friday.
  2. You were born on a Friday under the astrological sign Pisces.
  3. Your Life path number is 8. 
  4. Your fortune cookie reads:
    Your heart is a place to draw true happiness.
Life Path Compatibility:
You are most compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 2, 4, 8, 11 & 22.
You should get along well with those with the Life Path number 6.
You may or may not get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 1 & 5.
You are least compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 3, 7 & 9.

The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2448309.5.
The golden number for 1991 is 16.
The epact number for 1991 is 14.
The year 1991 was not a leap year.

Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 2/15/1991 and ending 2/3/1992.You were born in the Chinese year of the Goat.

Your Native American Zodiac sign is Wolf; your plant is Plantain.

You were born in the Egyptian month of Pachons, the first month of the season of Shomu (Harvest).

Your date of birth on the Hebrew calendar is 8 AdarI 5751.
Or if you were born after sundown then the date is 9 AdarI 5751.

The Mayan Calendar long count date of your birthday is which is
12 baktun 18 katun 17 tun 15 uinal 5 kin 

The Hijra (Islamic Calendar) date of your birth is Friday, 7 Sha'ban 1411 (1411-8-7).

The date of Easter on your birth year was Sunday, 31 March 1991.
The date of Orthodox Easter on your birth year was Sunday, 7 April 1991.
The date of Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent) on your birth year was Wednesday 13 February 1991.
The date of Whitsun (Pentecost Sunday) in the year of your birth was Sunday 19 May 1991.
The date of Whisuntide in the year of your birth was Sunday 26 May 1991.
The date of Rosh Hashanah in the year of your birth was Tuesday, 10 September 1991.
The date of Passover in the year of your birth was Sunday, 31 March 1991.
The date of Mardi Gras on your birth year was Tuesday 12 February 1991. 

As of 2/21/2011 12:16:14 PM EST
You are 19 years old.
You are 240 months old.
You are 1,044 weeks old.
You are 7,304 days old.
You are 175,308 hours old.
You are 10,518,496 minutes old.
You are 631,109,774 seconds old.

Celebrities who share your birthday:
Miko Hughes (1986)Jen Frost (1978)Drew Barrymore (1975)
Michael Chang (1972)Lea Salonga (1971)Brad Nowell (1968)
Jeri Ryan (1968)Vijay Singh (1963)Steve 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin (1962)
Julius 'Dr. J' Erving (1950)Dan Millman (1946)Edward M. Kennedy (1932)
Robert Wadlow (1918)John Mills (1908)Sheldon Leonard (1907)
Robert Young (1907)Luis Bu¤uel (1900)Lady Baden-Powell (1889)
Lord Baden-Powell (1857)Frederic Chopin (1810)George Washington (1732)

Top songs of 1991

I Do It for You by Bryan AdamsI Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd
Gonna Make You Sweat by C & C Music FactoryRush, Rush by Paula Abdul
One More Try by Timmy T.Unbelievable by EMF
More Than Words by ExtremeI Like the Way by Hi-Five
The First Time by SurfaceBaby Baby by Amy Grant

Your age is the equivalent of a dog that is 2.8587084148728 years old. (Life's just a big chewy bone for you!)

Your lucky day is Thursday.
Your lucky number is 3 & 7.
Your ruling planet(s) is Jupiter & Neptune.
Your lucky dates are 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th.
Your opposition sign is Virgo.
Your opposition number(s) is 5.

Today is not one of your lucky days!
There are 1 days till your next birthday
on which your cake will have 20 candles.

Those 20 candles produce 20 BTUs,
or 5,040 calories of heat (that's only 5.0400 food Calories!) .
You can boil 2.29 US ounces of water with that many candles.

In 1991 there were approximately 4.1 million births in the US.
In 1991 the US population was approximately 248,709,873 people, 70.3 persons per square mile.
In 1991 in the US there were 2,371,000 marriages (9.4%) and 1,187,000 divorces (4.7%)
In 1991 in the US there were approximately 2,148,000 deaths (8.6 per 1000)
In the US a new person is born approximately every 8 seconds.
In the US one person dies approximately every 12 seconds.

In 1991 the population of Australia was approximately 17,387,023.
In 1991 there were approximately 257,247 births in Australia.
In 1991 in Australia there were approximately 113,869 marriages and 45,652 divorces.
In 1991 in Australia there were approximately 119,146 deaths.

Your birth flower is IRIS

Your birthstone is Amethyst 

The Mystical properties of Amethyst
Amethyst is used to increase spiritually
Some lists consider these stones to be your birthstone. (Birthstone lists come from Jewelers, Tibet, Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and other sources)
Bloodstone, Onyx, Moonstone

Your birth tree is
Pine Tree, the Particularity Loves agreeable company, very robust, knows how to make life comfortable, very active, natural, good companion, but seldom friendly, falls easily in love but its passion burns out quickly, gives up easily, many disappointments till it finds its ideal, trustworthy, practical.

There are 307 days till Christmas 2011!
There are 320 days till Orthodox Christmas!

The moon's phase on the day you were
born was waxing gibbous.

Banyak jugak ea fakta2 tentang besday aku...
Kalau la korang nak tau aku amik sumer fakta2 nih kat mana, sebenarnya aku search kat tenet selama 3 minggu dah!!!! Penat tue..>!!!
Xda ar, gurau jew...
Kalu korang nak tau fakta2 besday korang, tekan jew link nie...
So, lepas korang tengik besday korang, kalau boley ar, letak ar link2 fakta besday korang tue kat komen2 bawah nie ea....! Aku pun nk tgk jgk...

Anyway... thanks guys and gals for filling my wall with birthday wishes..!!!! 

(PS: bagi yg xnmpk link tue, nie dia ea...

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