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Monday, January 2, 2012

Poem Based On Short Story...

The Sly Husband.

I thought I saw a unicorn,
In our own garden.
It was all alone,
Staring me in our lawn.

I tried to gave him a tulip,
Just to see if it’s going to eat,
At first it resisted,
Then it took the treat.

Feeling shocked,
Feeling amazed,
So I went up with a craze,
To wake you up,
‘coz you’re asleep,
But you said I was a freak?

After a while, you took the bait,
You don’t believe everything I said,
After you dressed, inside your best,
You called the psychiatrist,
Along with the police.

You told them everything I said,
With full of enthusiasm,
But they watched and wait,
Until you stopped,
Then they tried to take you away.

Why are you shocked?
Why are you mad?
Don’t you realized what I planned?
It was a trap,
And I was glad,
That you went into the trap!

P/S: Saje nk post karya lama~

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