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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Truth behind reblogging...

I've taken a vow to start blogging again everyday.
Seems like now I know why I starting it again...

This semester is very tight as it had been shortened...
At first, I really don't mind as I'm the kind of guy who stopped caring of others around me for a long time.
But somehow, even the smallest things seems to poke my mind so much that I afraid I might becoming the person who I had thought being eternally cast aside.

I don't want to be the guy who punched the lights out of people again.
I don't want to the guy who steal for his own satisfaction again.
I don't want to be the guy who wreak havoc to his surrounding again.

Today, people might see me as an anti-social guy, a geek, a nerd, a guy who stays inside his room all day, and good-for-nothing. Well guess what? I'm happy being this way than the way I was!

Well, that's just what they see when I'm around them...
What they don't see is the life that I'm having outside their confined space...

I'm a guy who put smiles in children's face.
I'm the guy who walks around the park watching the ants marching.
I'm the guy who is taking care of all his siblings.
I'm the guy who people talks to when they're in a problem.
So, whats wrong I'm being me?

Even if I'm really is useless, please say so when I'm not around.
I'm not sleeping even if it looks like I am...

Please, just don't mess around with me right now...
The potential of me being bad is too much rite now...


  1. wow..sabo2..chill..not all people could understand us..and sometime they don't even see the real things other than talking too much bad things about others..mulut org kite xley nk tutup..huk2..but sokay, just be urself..God knows everything and just do what best in your life..gudluck buddy! =D

  2. hahaha~
    Already feel better now~