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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Malique: OK   

Rexcore di sini...!
kini kembali mencari isi...!
untuk mengisi blogku ini...!

Kali ini akan ku post mengenai album OK,nukilan Malique yang kita pernah kenali sebagai ahli Too Phat. Wlaupun album ni dh lama keluar, baru sekarang aku nk wat entry komen2 pasal album nie...
hehehe... Dah xda isi la katakan...
So, here goes nothing....!!!!

I first listened to it in my friend's car. awesome stuffs. some songs are like, real cool while some feels a little lazy and cheap.

VVS1 really did get the 'sexyness' and 'cheesyness' message across. Chi Qa really do sound sexy in that track while Malique sounds like a playa/rich guy who got money n stones. haha.

Mantera Beradu got insightful messages, and some are really deep. some people might interpret the messages in one way while another group of people may interpret it as another. want to scrutinize on the lyrics a lot more, but had only the chance to read 2 verses from the official lyric release. the 3rd verse was not included in the release for obvious (or not so obvious reasons lol). had to listen for the words and correct some words from the lyrics collected from the internet to fully understand the messages.

OK featuring Cat Farish was nice. really catchy and reflects who he (or they) are now apart from the past. lines like
"like this..like this..yo praktis how i do it like wo o oh
cop, itu bunyi pelaris
igat tak dulu-dulu?nope, dulu-dulu dah habis"

shows how he is now instead of then. again. Cat is not really a good rhymer personally to me.

the other tracks are awesome, and personally to me the 1st CD shines a lot while the 2nd one is more thrash. out of a total of 19 tracks listed in there, to me there are only 11 real songs, the others were either remix of a song, spoken word, or just intro to the next track. and the opening and ending were Diam. like.. its an empty track. just that.

well, im not much of a reviewer or something. these are all just my personal opinion.
anyone else bought the album?


  1. MaliQue is da best Malaysian rapper ever...his is my icon..one two one two

  2. same here dude!
    The best rapper Malaysia had ever had!!!